Serving License

Are you looking for a serving permit and want to pass the knowledge test at the municipality on the first attempt? Then this is the training for you! After passing the final exam you will receive a course certificate that shows that you have solid knowledge of Sweden’s alcohol law. Perfect to showcase to the municipality at eg. changed ownership. The course is suitable for you who are about to apply for a serving permit or want to have in-depth knowledge of the alcohol law.

From the course program:

  • Alcohol policy
  • Supervision
  • Serving
  • Food, local and equipment

Date: The course set-up includes five teacher-led films online with eight sub-exams and one final exam which forms the basis for your course certificate.
Time: The training is eight hours long. During your education you have the opportunity to restart the education if you want to go through it again.
Lecturer: The course is developed by and is implemented in their education system. No previous knowledge is required.
Language: The course and course material is available in Swedish, English and Arabic. Select a language when you make your reservation.
Course fee: 1 650 SEK excluding VAT. Buy the course via the button below and you will soon receive an email from with your login details and your web course in Serving Permission can begin.

Note! When you enter the registration page, a date is set – this date does not apply. The training is available for three months from the time of purchase.

Are you a pub or restaurant manager and want to order the training to more of your staff?

You will then receive a discount as shown below:
5-9 courses: 5% discount
10-19 training: 10% discount
20-49 courses: 20% discount
50-99 courses: 30% discount
100 courses: 40% discount

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing several licenses.